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There are so many forces working tirelessly to ensure that your relationship do not see the sun that rises in the morning, these forces could be spiritual or physical. In some relationships it’s spiritual, in other relationships it could be physical  but there are certain relationships that it is both spiritual and physical joining forces together to ensure that your relationship ends no matter what.

In other for their plans to succeed they set traps for you and your spouse and patiently wait for either of you to fall into that trap and then they destroy you. That is why you need to be very careful so you don’t fall into such traps, not just you, lead your partner by the Hand and lead them so they don’t fall into such traps because if they do it would affect you.

One of these traps they set for you is MALICE AFTER A MISUNDERSTANDING. Misunderstanding is something you can never do away with in a relationship but you can decide the affects it would have on your relationship.

After a misunderstanding with your spouse don’t avoid them, stop keeping malice with them, stop avoiding them its very dangerous, by doing that you have already fallen into a trap. When you avoid them and they are alone these evil forces keeps playing with their minds and feeding them with negative thoughts hereby making matters worst.

When you avoid your spouse and you leave them all alone by themselves that’s when one fine dude will come into the picture, that’s when one beautiful girl will come into the picture,  since they are vulnerable, 60% of people in such cases end up cheating on their spouse.

Avoiding your spouse after a misunderstanding only creates room for problems, it could create damages that may never be fixed so at the end of the day the beautiful relationship ends, a relationship you could have saved is killed by your pride and ego.

When there is a misunderstanding, don’t avoid each other, apologise weather you’re wrong or right it does not matter the most important thing is that you didn’t fall into the trap and your relationship is still intact. The greatest way to solve misunderstanding is through “DIALOGUE” (talk about it) I didn’t say argue, I said have a conversation talk about it.

Immediately after the misunderstanding apologize, don’t talk about the matter immediately, look for a time that both of you are in a happy mood and then have a conversation about what happened.


Why You Should not Date Mubaba/Mumama.

Nowadays youth do avoid dating their agemates. You will find a young man dating an old grandmother the same way you will find a young lady dating and old man.
The lust for money will make this young generation to do anything so that they can satisfy their needs.
Young men and women do prefer old generation because those generations do have a lot of cash and goodies that can satisfy their needs.
They can do anything in order to get money and also wealth. You’ll find a young lady selling her private parts to an old man with an exchange of money the same way a young man can be convinced by an old woman and sell his dignity.
But what are the consequences of dating old generation rather than going for your agemates? Let’s discuss 5 major points.

When you’ve your mubaba/mumama he/she will take control over you. When he/she needs you, you must be available. Because in the end he/she is on a business with you. He/she is your boss, so the business must run according to his/her rules. He/she pays you hence you must do according to his/her terms and conditions

God gave a man powers to provide and take care of his family. Now an old woman is taking care of you because you don’t wanna hustle your a$$ out. That’s impunity. Men should avoid “Kuekwa” and hustle hard, this will help him stand out as a man.

    Yes, you are a lady! What do you want from mubaba? I guess it’s goodies and money.  What can you offer to a mubaba? Yes, its just your punny ass. Ahem, is that not gold-digging? I guess it is.
    So wherever you are dating a mubaba you are an ashawo or lets call it umalaya because you are selling your pu$$y just for money. Hey madam wake up and hustle your ass out.
    I said before dating an old person (mumama/mubaba) is like being on a business if that guy doesn’t benefit he or she will find another way. Who need losses? Absolutely no one. So for instance when they gift you with a car, and then you broke up, they will find a way of getting their car back, if you fail to surrender it then automatically your life will be cut off.  So take a lot of care.
    You will never be a priority to a sponyo. They do have a family and other businesses to take care of. So before giving in to a sponsor keep it in mind that they will use you and when their mission is done you’ll also get dumped. You’ll be a shit out there.

So if you have ears, listen. And am done!

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